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5 Safe Driving Tips that can Save Your Life

Knowing how to drive is definitely an entitlement. Driving provides an opportunity and the capacity to go anyplace we need, at whatever time we want. Though it allows us to go anywhere at our convenience but the role of a safe driver in Dubai is vital as life of, not only the driver, but also passengers rely on it.

Come to think of it, what could possibly be considered as safety risk on the road? Could it be a faulty part of the car? Driving under the influence of alcohol? Or road rage in general? There are many reasons that can potentially post a threat to your life but in spite of these street perils, there are numerous measures you can take to evade them.

While you can’t control the activities of different drivers, you do have ample authority over what you do in your vehicle. Controlling what you do while driving can guarantee the security of yourself and other passengers in the car. We have summarized 5 Safe Driving Tips that can definitely save your life.

Avoid Distractions:

There are a number of times when distractions ensue while driving. They could be caused by passengers, or other reasons such as using mobile phones, browsing radio stations and so many more. However, it is the job of a best safe driver to avoid getting distracted as distractions may potentially lead to road accidents which in some cases may result in death. That is why use of technological devices while driving is prohibited in Dubai. Besides complying with law, a safe driver must take all measures and maintain focus on the road and Is a Safe Driving Tips

Not Indulging in Road Rage:

Usually there are traffic congestions during the peak hours in Dubai. No one fancies being stuck in traffic for hours; hence a few impulsive drivers tend to indulge in road rage that poses a safety risk on others too. The best way to get around such drivers is to maintain distance from them and focus on your driving and also a Safe Driving Tips.

Keep your vehicle serviced:

Although new cars are always in their prime condition and never have any problem but as the vehicle gets older, it is imperative to perform regular checks and ensure your vehicle is serviced regularly. There have been occasions where a low air pressure tyre bursts on the road causing collision with other vehicles or an old unmaintained car breaks down in the middle of the road. All of the misfortune can be easily avoided by regularly getting you vehicle serviced.

Wearing Seat Belts a Safe Driving Tips:

There is no denying the fact that wearing seat belts do save lives. Majority of fatal accidents involve passengers who did not fasten seat belts. It happens so that in an uneventful scenario of meeting an accident, people who are not wearing seat belts stumble into windshield or in some cases plunge out the vehicle resulting is a life threatening accident.

Maintaining Speed Limit:

Last but not the least, speed limit is also a Safe Driving Tips and guidelines must always be adhered to for ensuring your safety as over speeding may lead to fatal accidents. Speed limits are clearly mentioned across all the roads in Dubai which are determined by a number of factors such as position and width of the road so complying with speed limit will not only save your life but others as well.

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