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5 Tips of Safe Driving in Dubai

Safe Driver Dubai ​-5 Tips of Safe Driving :

Every year there is a massive increase in the number of vehicles with advanced features. But with this, the sense of responsibility of driving carefully is much more important nowadays. Where these cars made our lives convenient and comfortable on the other side, the risk of accidents also increases. Whether you are driving alone or with the passengers, driving safety should be your top priority.Not everyone on the road can drive well but, most people think they can.Some drivers drive rashly and wander into other lanes without giving any signals. To avoid any mishap,  Safe Driver Dubai follows these safety rules:

  • Never Drink & Drive.
  • Always wear a seat belt while driving.
  • Obey traffic rules.
  • Avoid Diversions.
  • Keep a safe distance from other cars 

Never Drink & Drive:

0.08% of alcohol in the blood content level is legally impaired. However, only after one drink, the alcohol starts making your senses unconscious.No matter what the situation is, you should avoid driving while being drunk.  It’s not worth the risk of putting yourself and others in danger. In this situation, you should call us and hire Safe Driver Dubai to drop you home safely.

Always wear a seat belt while driving:

A driver needs to wear a seat belt while driving. Use of seat belts while driving reduced the risk of serious injury during sudden car crashes by 50%. Always remind you and your fellow driver to wear a seat belt before leaving.

Obey traffic rules:

Obeying traffic rules is crucial for all of us. The rules assist us in avoiding accidents. With responsible driving and following traffic rules, we can save many other lives.

Avoid Diversions:

Use of mobile phones and eating or doing any other activity could cause danger while driving. Always avoid multitasking during the drive and try to focus only on the road.

Keep a safe distance from other cars:

It is recommended to all drivers to maintain at least 4 seconds safe distance from the cars ahead. If the car ahead suddenly stops or turns left or right, then you must have enough time to handle the situation accordingly.

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