A Guide To Safe Driving in Dubai

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While Dubai is the second-largest of the seven emirates of the UAE, getting around the city can be challenging. It is a hive of activity all the time. With traffic on the rise and strict traffic laws and regulations being enforced, Dubai can be difficult to navigate, particularly when new to the city.

But, once you are comfortable with these rules and understand the roads, you’ll be delighted to explore this region’s gorgeous highways and landmarks.

Below are some crucial guidelines to remember when driving in Dubai. These guidelines ensure that you arrive safely and without causing any problems to others or yourself.

1. Overtaking

This is among the most severe issues you must be aware of when driving around Dubai. Some laws say that it’s illegal to speed up and overtake cars within your lane when driving. But, in actual life, it’s pretty different! While going, it is essential to be alert and look at your mirrors on the side to see if someone is approaching you.

If you notice someone loudly honking and dangerously coming close to your car, The best option is to let the vehicle speed up and pass by. One key element of safe Driver Dubai is allowing the other driver to move on without fighting or disturbances.

2. Minimum Distances Must be Maintained

If you’re driving in Dubai and the surrounding areas, you must keep a certain distance from the car ahead of you. This will allow motorists, motorists and other vehicles in the vicinity enough time and space to adjust their speed and apply emergency brakes in case of an emergency. It’s very depressing that not all Safe driver Dubai adhere to this guideline when driving around Dubai.

Many road accidents occur because drivers fail to adhere to the minimum distance required. If you do this, you’ll be fined immediately, and you could pay a substantial penalty of 400Dhs If you fail to comply with this law.

In addition, you’ll be awarded 4 points of black on your driving record, which could affect the insurance you have and other obligations. Even if other cars are driving in the distance of your vehicle, you should not move. It is recommended to apply the three-second rule when taking note of the space you’ll need to drive away from the car ahead of you.

3. Driving on the Proper Lanes

One of the most important lessons you must master while driving around Dubai is the importance of lane discipline. The roads are marked with lane lines, and every one is designed with a specific speed limit. The fastest lane is located in the leftmost lane on the roadway. It is recommended to use this lane only if you intend to travel at top speed. If not, avoid this lane for speedy drivers.

If you are in this lane and spot vehicles moving at high speed behind you, You must immediately turn on the appropriate indicator lights and make your way to it. It is essential to adhere to the speed limits for the lane you’re driving through to make it easy for both of you to move smoothly.

There are a lot of giant-sized 4x4s and luxury sports cars racing at high speed through the lanes. If you see these vehicles, the best advice is to give them space and continue on your way.

4. Headlights Use

The primary purpose behind headlights is to provide drivers with greater visibility through dark roadways. It is, however, regrettable that Safe Driver Dubai and many other countries do not use lights for the purpose they were designed for.

How often have you observed vehicles behind your headlights flashing very riskily?

Although you might find it inconvenient, you might need to understand why drivers are flashing their headlights. This is especially true when you’re new at driving around Dubai.

Drivers that flash their lights seem impatient and are signalling that they’re eager to get in front of you. They attempt to grab your interest through flashing headlights in bright sunlight.

In such a situation, the best option is to switch lanes safely and allow enough room to advance. We do not recommend arguing with other drivers, as engaging in such a situation is not a good idea.

5. Driving in Extreme Conditions of Weather

It will surprise you that few Safe driver Dubai know how to drive when the weather turns cloudy, foggy or rainy. This is because Dubai and most other emirates are characterized by hot weather throughout the year. When the weather gets uncomfortable, all of a sudden, the most secure option is to switch to a lane that is slow cautiously and continue driving at a slower speed.

Do not panic or rush. Continue to drive slowly, with your headlights properly on. If the weather is worsening and you need to stop immediately, stop at a secure location, such as a garage, and wait until the temperature returns to normal before you drive.

6. Utilizing Hazard Lights Correctly

If you notice dangers during driving, immediately switch on the emergency lights on your vehicle to notify other drivers on the road. One of the most bizarre dangers you may see just in Dubai and the different regions of UAE are goats and camels crossing the street! When you spot camels, you must reduce speed immediately as these beasts are enormous and could damage your vehicle extensively. If you accidentally kill one of them, you must pay a considerable amount to the owner.

You can also utilize hazard lights if you have an issue with the technical system of your vehicle. By turning on these lights, you’re signalling to others that there’s a problem with your car and that you require assistance. Always remember to utilize these hazard lights only in cases of emergency. Refrain from using them, as you could be fined an enormous amount for this error.

7. Stopping at Pedestrian Crossings

One of the most crucial things you need to know concerning driving through Dubai is that Dubai accords enormous importance to pedestrians. Every vehicle must be stopped within a reasonable distance before the pedestrian crossing so that there are enough space and comfort for pedestrians to cross roads safely.

If you speed through without stopping and not stopping, you could face fines of up to 500Dhs for the same thing. There is also the possibility of six black points on your driving record, which is a high cost! Therefore, be aware of the crossings for zebras when you’re driving and enjoy Best safe driver Dubai Services.

8. Indicator Lights When Changing Lanes

When changing lanes, it’s essential to turn on the indicators inside your vehicle to ensure that the Safe driver approaching from behind is aware of what you are doing. When you abruptly change lanes, there is no room for other drivers to prepare and cause them to be panicked and thus causing accidents, too.

If you must shift lanes due to the car’s problem, it is essential to turn on your hazard lights. In other words, you must inform the other Safe Driver about your plans to give them enough time to reduce their speed, alter their pace, or apply emergency brakes when required. The event that you fail to turn on your indicator lights could result in a fine of 200Dhs and 3 points of black for you.

9. Beware of Trucks

There are a lot of trucks with heavy duty on the streets of Dubai as you are driving. The only advice we can give you is to avoid these trucks in any way you can to drive safely. Don’t expect them to signal you, such as hazard light indicators, hazard lights, and other such lights. They travel very quickly, and, more often than not, truck drivers are tired and unable to observe these guidelines. They drive for long distances.

Therefore, you are the one who has to be prepared to handle these vehicles effectively while being safe Driver in Dubai.

10. Disciplined Driving

Don’t yell at another driver or display inappropriate hand gestures while driving through Dubai. The police department and the citizens of Dubai are extremely sensitive and easily offended when you make these. The police can also deprive you of your driving license due to this lapse! If the other driver is responsible and you are to blame, you shouldn’t feel compelled to point the finger or yell words at him.

It could get you into grave problems. The act of swearing is considered an offence that is not forgiven in the UAE.

Therefore, it is essential to adhere to the rules of Dubai and be careful with your behaviour if you want to maintain your right to drive in the city.

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