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Car Service Pick Up and Drop Off

Servicing your vehicle has never been easier. Try our safe driver services to experience the best car pick up and drop-off service anywhere in Dubai. With our Car Service Pick up and Drop off, you can now schedule your car maintenance servicing without worrying about the hassle of taking time off from your busy schedule. We will pick up your vehicle from your home or the office anywhere in Dubai to drive it to your designated service station to be serviced. We will drop off the car at your selected location, and after service, we will drop it back at your location.

Safe Driver Services for RTA Registration Pick up and Drop off

Safe driver for your car pick up and drop off service in Dubai. You can even hire a driver for RTA Registration renewal. Your car will be in safe hands.

In UAE, car registration renewal has to be done annually, and you might miss it because of your busy schedule or working hours. Here is where our safe drivers step in. Our driver will pick up your vehicle from your office or home anywhere in Dubai and get the mandatory inspection done at an authorized vehicle inspection station. Once passing is done Successfully, we will get the vehicle registration renewed. We will then drop off the vehicle at your designated location.

Our Drivers Arrive at Your doorstep at your requested time, in professional attire, & are ready to pick up your car, drop it off at car service center, and drop off at your location.

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How to hire a Safe Driver in Dubai for Car Service Pick up and Drop off?

You can hire a safe driver in Dubai as your designated safer driver for the day, evening, or even late-night pick-up after the party. Our driver arrives at your location at the requested time, ready to drive you in your car wherever you want to go. When you are ready, you and your vehicle will be returned home safely.

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