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Causes of traffic congestion in the UAE:

Causes of traffic congestion in the UAE - Safe Driver Dubai:

Traffic can be found anywhere in the UAE, all it takes someone who breaks the rules and causes a disturbance. As we know traffic congestion is caused by many factors, such as poorly designed roads, etc. Many people drive from Sharjah to Dubai and Dubai to Sharjah plays a role in causing traffic naturally. If people behave well and follow traffic rules then things could be different. Here best safe driver Dubai explains what things people need to stop on the roads.


Rubbernecking is a problem everywhere in the world. Whenever an accident happens, people stop to look at the accident even if it was on the other side of the road and cause major traffic delays. People need to stop rubbernecking and stop causing traffic problems.

Driving slow in the fast lane:

Slow driving on highways etc., cause obstacles for other drivers. Whenever a slow driver gets in the fast lane with the speed half of the car behind his car, it could cause an accident. Slow drivers are a problem on the speeding highways. The left lanes are reserve for fast drivers. Driving fast may not be the safest mode of transportation, but sometimes you need to get somewhere fast. If you choose to drive on highways, then drive fast.

Having an Ego:

Some people don’t like that someone is driving faster than them. They don’t want to leave space for others to come ahead and drive faster than them. If someone wants to come ahead and drive faster than you, let them come even if you are driving at the maximum speed. You cannot force someone to match your speed.

Failing to use your indicator:

Using indicators is extremely important, even the roads are empty. Because no one has the ability to read human minds. No one assumes whether you will turn right or left. Also use indicators while changing lanes to avoid mishaps.

Generally breaking traffic rules

Try not to use mobile phones while driving either you could die or get into an accident. Avoid over-speeding and viciously cutting cars from the front. Stop breaking rules and focus on driving. Let’s all work together to try and decrease the number of fatalities on the road in the UAE.

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