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Do All Cabs are Pet-Friendly?

Do All Cabs are Pet-Friendly? - Safe Driver Dubai

If you are an animal lover, then you probably take your pet with you everywhere you go. As we know that small dogs and cats are allowed on planes, as long as they are well trained. But how do the owners take their pets to the airport? This leads us to the question: Are all taxis also pet-friendly or not?

REASONS CAB DRIVERS Don't Allow Pets - Safe Driver Dubai:

For some reason, certain cab drivers do not allow pets in their cars. Because pets can be messy. If a dog who is not used to travelling might pee, which would cost hundreds of dollars to the driver in cleanup fees. It’s also difficult to get the smell out of the seats, and of course the hairs.
Whether you are a pet lover or not, but the pet hairs will be visible in a car with a darker interior which would look odd to other riders. Another reason is that some drivers are allergic to pets and you have to take care of this.


Besides these above reasons, there are many cab drivers who love pets. It might be because they own a pet themselves and understands your affection for your pet. But it’s also likely the fact that allowing pets in their taxi cab means more money for them. As long as your pet is quiet and well-mannered, there’s no skin off the driver’s back. Any pet hair left on the upholstery can easily be removed with a lint roller.

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