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History of Cab Services in Dubai

History of Cab Services in Dubai

We consider a modern taxi as a commonplace occurrence. However, the cab had not been around forever. Best Safe Driver Dubai is here to share with you some brief information about the history of the taxi, as well as some interesting facts you can share with your friends, or with your cab driver next time.


Cab services in Dubai are the ultimate source of travelling. With a precise estimate, Dubai has the highest rate of cab services and at some point, you will need a cab to travel. The vehicles authorized by the government are cream-colored which are administrated by Dubai Taxi Corporation. They are created in a way to provide facilities to the customers. They are metered, air-conditioned, economical, and most comfortable to ride in.


The name of the taxi was invented by the word taximeter which was discovered by a German Friedrich Wilhelm Gustav Bruhn in 1891. In the year 1897, the very first taxi was invented with full functioned features which were invented by Gottlieb Daimler. In 1907, the gas-powered taxis first came to Germany, Paris, and London, then to New York.

The Standard Taxi Color:

In 1967, the stereotypic yellow color of cabs usually portrayed in movies and in practical life appeared. When New York declares a law that all the cabs color should be yellow so that people can distinguish them from other cars.

Reaching your Destination:

Most cab drivers in Dubai are foreigners and, mostly they are from South Asia and can speak at least some English language. However, the addresses are provided by specifying the nearest landmark. If you’re going as a guest to the residence, ask the host to give the driver directions. News drivers may have trouble to find their ways in the streets of Dubai. If your cab driver did not know how to use apps like Google Maps, RTA Smart Drive, or other mapping apps, use your phone and help them to find your location.

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