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How To Keep Your Car Clean?

Everyday Tips to Keep Your Car Clean - Safe Driver Dubai:

Keep Up With Your Vehicle Maintenance:

Track your vehicle maintenance daily to avoid mechanical issues that cause dust or unpleasant odors inside the car.

Shake out foot mats daily:

Surely, the foot mats of your car will get dirty quickly from people’s shoes. Vacuum your mats weekly, and shake out your car mats daily so that you can go longer without vacuuming.

Clean out cup holders:

Drips and spills from cups can make your cup holders sticky. You can buy a liner for your cup holders or use silicone cupcake liners to prevent the liquid from reaching your car. Then you can take them out to clean!

Clean seats:

If you are a cab driver, then your car gets dirty after dropping a customer. Keep an old brush in your to clean excessive dirt, hairs, etc. from the car seats, or keep napkins or towels if a liquid spill over the seats.

Keep a trash can in the car

Keeping trash can or hang a plastic bag at the back of the passenger seat for everyone to toss the tissues, wrappers, cans, and coffee cups. You will prevent your car seat from so much havoc by keeping a trash bag in the car.

Maintain monthly:

Even after implementing these tips, you will still need to do the cleaning on a monthly or weekly basis. Vacuuming and cleaning the insides of your windows with a basic glass cleaner are good ideas, especially after rain and snow.

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