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Responsibilities of a Driver

The driver of a vehicle is responsible for ensuring that all passengers are appropriately restrained. Share the road responsibly by being courteous and aware of all road users. Never drive when physically or mentally impaired. Never become distracted while driving. Best Safe Driver Dubai trains its drivers to drive responsibly and efficiently. Here are some basic responsibilities a driver should follow:

Must have relevant documents of the vehicle:

The driver must have all the relevant documents of a car with them at all times, especially a driving license. Because without a driving license, you cannot drive in the UAE and will pay a fine.

Maintenance of your Vehicle:

The driver must maintain the car on daily basis, in order to keep it in good condition and the driver should pay attention to the road while driving to be safe and control your vehicle. 


  • Check and maintain the tires.
  • Change the oil.
  • Check the fluids.
  • Test the lights.
  • Replace the windshield wipers if not working well.
  • Change your engine air filter.
  • Regular checkups.

Drive at a reasonable speed:

Over speeding is not allowed and it’s the responsibility of a driver to stay within the speed limit, otherwise, you may face unexpected results.

Use the vehicle for official purposes:

The vehicles should be used for business purposes only and not for private use unless in exceptional circumstances where health and safety are at stake.

Drive securely and lawfully With Best Safe Driver Dubai:

The driver must always carry the current and valid driving license. Must obey the traffic rules and avoid driving if the driver is impaired by tiredness or medication, and drive only when you are physically fit.

Report timely for faults in the vehicle:

Inform the faults of the vehicle in a timely manner such as broken light, cracked windscreen, or bald tires.

Try not to smoke:

Avoid smoking while driving as smoking is injurious to health. It may bother the customers as well.

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