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Road Safety Rules in Dubai,UAE

Road Safety Rules in Dubai

Anyone driven on the roads of the UAE will narrate to us that apart from following traffic rules, which is the basic road safety rule, but the patience and foresight of drivers are also tested. Here Best Safe Driver Dubai will discuss the rules of road safety in Dubai, especially for those who love to travel should be aware of these crucial rules to avoid accidents, fines, and traffic.

Eligibility to drive

To drive legally in Dubai, the driver must be aged eighteen or above and must have a UAE license, or a license from an approved country. The driver also has all the relevant documents of the vehicle at all times.

Speed Limit

All speed limits are marked on road signs. A driver caught with any kind of diversions like using a phone will have to pay a fine. The UAE laws for road safety have a minimum and maximum limit, and the drivers who are not obeying either of these two-speed limits will be charged with heavy fines.

Prohibition of Overtaking Cars

Overtaking vehicles from any side will be considered as a traffic law violation and drivers must be aware that the violation of traffic laws will cause them heavy penalties.

Follow Traffic Laws

The driver must be an experienced driver to handle any tough situation.If a car or person gets hit while reversing, you will have to face heavy penalties.So Best Safe Driver Dubai gives advice to a driver that he should follow basic traffic rules to withdraw such situations.These are:

  • Mandatory seat belts for all
  • Avoid Rash Driving
  • Avoid Driving under the influence
  • Obey Traffic Signals
  • Avoid Distractions
  • Speeding is not allowed.

Don’t throw leftovers on the roads from your car

To keep the roads clean, the traffic authorities have taken many actions. So if you spotted throwing garbage material from your car on the roads, you will have to pay a fine and your driving license will be suspended for 12 months.

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