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Rules for Drivers On Pedestrian Crossings

Rules for Drivers On Pedestrian Crossings - Safe Driver Dubai:

Zebra Crossing:

A fine will be charged if a driver fails to give way to pedestrians. In Dubai, there are some zebra crossings without traffic signals also.That’s why a driver must be careful and follow the zebra crossing rules. Dubai Police recently introduced solar-powered devices at designated zebra crossing spots. These devices have been installed on both sides of road. That means, whenever a pedestrian crosses the road the sensors detects and red signal lights up, and the drivers have to stop and give way to pedestrians. Any violation of rule is recorded and directed off the Dubai Police’s server and will prompt a fine.

Traffic Signals:

Skipping a traffic signal would cause you a fine of AED 1,000. Usually, there is a zebra crossing just after the traffic signal. Being carless and hasty might cause a serious accident. Always slow down your car before entering a crosswalk so that pedestrians can move easily.

Mobile Usage:

It might be a fascinating thing to look into your mobile while driving. But, it can distract your concentration and will give you drastic results. Even if you stop at red signal try to avoid using mobile,as it is illegal to use mobile while driving and cause a fine of AED 800.

Child Zones:

It’s required to slow down your car when a school, parks and other such spots are close by. You additionally, needs to slow down car speed in areas that has parks and walkways. Children are energetic and require consistent oversight when playing and strolling close to traffic so drivers must be careful.

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