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Rules For Teenage Driving

Rules For Teenage Driving - Safe Driver Dubai

Parents play an important role in teen driver’s safety. According to the research, the teens who say their parents pay attention to their activities and set rules are more likely to be safer than others. The lifetime chance of getting crashed for teens occurs during the first six to 12 months. That’s why setting strict rules by parents is crucial for teen drivers to avoid mishaps. Here are some rules for teen’s parents to keep their young drivers safe:

Rules for New Drivers - Safe Driver Dubai:

  • Rules for parents and young drivers to follow when they begin to drive independently. These are:
  • Parents should not allow their young ones to drive without any restrictions until they have gained much experience.
  • Parents should restrict their teen drivers from driving alone in adverse weather conditions (rain, fog, snow, etc.).
  • Drive while being drunk is illegal and dangerous and should be strictly prohibited.
  • Parents should restrict their young ones when and where they are allowed to drive.
  • Everyone must wear seat belts at all times.
  • Parents should determine whether and when their teen can drive passengers. Some states have set a law that no passengers are allowed in the car until the teen has a record of a defined period of safe & independent driving.
  • Parents must decide what type of behavior causes teen drivers to lose his/her driving privileges.
  • Teens must avoid driving when they are tired or stressed.
  • Avoid wearing headphones while driving.
  • Teens should be encouraged to take an annual defensive driving course after receiving their license.

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