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10 Most Dangerous Things People Do While Driving

Driving is a comfortable means of traveling on the road. Care must be taken by safe driver to avert the things provoking the dangerous road accidents. As it is said, to err is human, so people may become less vigilant while driving due to human error. Safe Driver Dubai always makes sure that the drivers never make these mistakes while driving.  Have a look at the ten most dangerous mistakes people make while going. Details are given below.

1. Use of Cell Phone

Using a phone while driving can have dangerous consequences. People who use mobile phones sitting in the driving seat risk their lives and endanger others. Cell phone use during driving will disturb the hand-eye coordination of the driver. Lack of proper mental and physical interest in driving on the road may result in fatal mishaps. Texting, calling, web surfing, and scrolling on mobile will draw your attention from the surroundings and affect you adversely. Mobile use while driving is the major reason for road accidents every year. Therefore, safe driver Dubai has to be aware before using cell phones while driving.

2. Under Influence Driving

Drinking during driving is one of the leading causes of massive road accidents. Drunk drivers are making roads unsafe for traveling, thus posing a vulnerable threat to many lives. An influential person must not drive in any case. An intoxicated person should hire a designated chauffeur for traveling purposes.
Consider yourself a teetotaler when it comes to driving. Road safety regulations sternly prohibit under influence driving either after using drugs or alcohol. Keep in mind that a drunken driver is rationally equal to traffic code violation. As a result, under influence driving will take you to pay off the penalties for road traveling violations.

3. Over Speeding

It is true for sure that haste makes waste. Exceeding the speed limit is of no benefit but fatal enough to cause a crash on the road. It’s a true fact that safe driver Dubai stay within the speed limits while driving. Because being late for your destination is much less important than your safety. Overspending will result in an unpredictable journey, and more often to cause terrible road accidents.

4. Road Rage

Aggressive outbursts are of no use when you are on the road. Being impulsive or rude while riding a vehicle will create an uncomfortable traveling environment on the road. Be patient on the street, whether it’s traffic congestion or any other stressful situation.

5. Seatbelts

Seatbelts are compulsory to wear as they will save you during rollovers and vehicle crashes .not wearing a seatbelt while driving is considered a traffic violation. People driving without a seatbelt are 30 times more likely to get injured than others with a seatbelt.

6. Distracted Driving

Cut out all the distractions when driving. Don’t attempt to read the signboards or advertisement on the way holding vehicle steering. Keep your pets at a safe and reasonable place in an automobile if they are traveling with you. Wearing headphones while driving may cause distraction, and an accident will most likely happen .Leaning to grab something out of your reach is a dangerous activity. Focus on your driving by avoiding all the distractions and travel safely.

7. Reckless Driving Attitude

Always drive carefully on the road. Avoid driving if there is bad weather outside. Bad driving etiquette will cause a crash on the road. People who continue to change lanes, weaving, applying brakes suddenly, and accelerating the vehicle are the reckless drivers having short tempers while driving. Racing your cars on busy roads is not safe anymore. Overtaking should be avoided when going. Unnecessary honking will cause angry outbursts even if you are in a traffic jam, and it is a useless activity to clear the congestion on the road.

8. Panicked Driving

Be on your nerves when you drive any roadster .prevent anything that lets you reach a perplexed state while going. Sometimes any emotional phone call or any aggressive conversation may cause an imbalance in driving if you are holding a steering wheel. Try to be calm and composed to keep your traveling sound and secure. Don’t drive if you are in a bad mood.

9. Eating & Drinking

Multitasking behind the wheel as eating and drinking will pose a strain on the driver’s attention. Before underestimating the consequences of eating and drinking while driving, it is better to learn that about 65% of vehicular accidents are due to the eating and drinking drivers while riding an automobile. Stay away from any eating activity if you are holding the steering wheel.

10. Overloading the Vehicle

Excessive load on vehicles will potentially create huge complications. Load your luggage evenly in the car. Create a perfect balance of load when driving. Otherwise, it may head towards the automobile control problems, poor visibility of surroundings, and dropping off luggage if tied above the vehicle. Carry an appropriate sum of luggage and drive safely.


Avoid the given above mistakes while driving. Best Safe Driver has well-trained chauffeurs who ensure clients’ safety and will guide them safely to their terminus.

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