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Drivers must be taken care of in any case of the road they are driving on. It is important that understanding the driving is liberty and not fair. Once a Dubai driver gets licensed, some responsibilities occur as a safe driver in Dubai. Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) amended the traffic law in March 2017, which caused positive effects, and a marginal decrease in traffic violations and road incidents.
There are some basic and main responsibilities which every safe driver Dubai must be followed while driving;

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Reasonable Speed Limits

A safe driver Dubai should be able to follow the speed limits which are specified for different roads. As we know, the speed limit is 65, but if go 100 is improper speed, no matter the rate but value, the responsibility of own self, family, the company, and our surrounded vehicles and passengers or anybody else; all at risk. The drivers must drive their cars within given speed limits and don’t violate; otherwise, the driver will pay to invoke penalties. Legal actions will also be taken against the driver under the traffic laws of the UAE.

Follow the Traffic Rules

Traffic signals are important tools to manage traffic. Every driver on any vehicle must follow the signs, rules, and regulations, which are fixed by the law of UAE. It is mandatory to stop on red alert and don’t violate traffic laws, and never commit it whether you are a driver or not. These rules are as follows:
● Lane discipline means (white lines) markings that maintain traffic discipline. According to lanes, the road is divided, and drivers drive their vehicles to follow them as an extreme left lane for heavy and slow-moving cars, and the outer right lane is for overtaking. So always follow the right methodology of the road.
● Traffic Signs on the side have important info for road users; drivers should follow these signs strictly and recognize hazards to save them from danger.

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Increase Following Distance

● Continuously evaluate driving conditions:
The driver knows that the passenger can’t see properly outside. While driving, to save them from any incident safe driver Dubai keeps on eyes moving and scans mirror after 10 to 5 seconds to keep a full picture of what’s going on around, which is very important to check other driver’s vehicle speeds and many more.
● Adverse weather conditions:
As you planned a trip and you are a driver, the basic point is to check up or search about the weather condition on the web to free from any mishap and then drive at the following distance and given a suitable path to safe from any crash.
● Be Patient:
Heavy traffic jams on the road or following a truck are not easy to get backed. So be patient, stay in your lane and wait.
● Driving under stressed or fatigued:
Sometimes drivers are under stress due to family, job, health, weather or any other issues but try to maintain and control yourself when driving on the road due to absent mind caused problems or you can be paid a heavy fine.

Distracted Driving

Driving on the road is not easy; it is a heavy responsibility to drive that vehicle. Driver always has a sharp eye on the road but; if look at a scenery not good, checking their emails or looking at a laptop a bad idea, using mobile phones as receiving calls from family, friends or spouse, texting with others not good either, these are the reasons whose diverts driver’s attention from the road and can create a fatal or injuries on road accidents. Be patient with other drivers’ courtesy, respect, and dignity. Don’t drink and drive.

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Safe Driving Techniques

While driving, be aware of the environment and use common sense to minimize the risk. For this, there are some techniques for a safe driver: Always wear a seatbelt and safety helmets: First thing first, always wear a seat belt. Wearing seat belts by drivers and passengers in a vehicle can save lives and reduce the risk of fatal injuries by 50-60%. Some people like to ride motorbikes; they must wear safety helmets for any misadventure.

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Vehicle Inspection

Before the drive, your vehicle takes a look and checks properly, is any doubt? Check side mirrors are in the right position, the engine is in order, tires are tight, fuel is filled, and make sure windows are completely clear from snow, ice or fall before starting to drive.


In the end, we conclude that as a responsible user(driver), we should not only take steps to save our Dubai and other’s lives but should also observe road courtesies to help create a better environment on traffic discipline that reflects the civility of society so we should prove ourselves as a Dubai’s RTA law-abiding and responsible nation.