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Driving in Unfavourable Climate Conditions

Driving in Unfavourable Climate Conditions

Intense weather conditions can create a variation in your driving. It affects mostly the ability to see, which is very dangerous in these unfavorable weather conditions such as rain, fog, ice, snow, and dust. Fog and rain are the most critical amongst all weather conditions, so if you drive in foggy or rainy weather, try to reduce your speed and turn on your low emission headlights. Move safely and off the road when fog becomes dense that you can hardly see anything. Best Safe Driver Dubai gives you some tips for driving safely in bad weather conditions:

Plan Advanced Before Leaving:

Driving in bad weather takes a longer time and is more stressful. If you did not have more time to reach your destination and running late, it will only increase your anxiety level and negatively affect your driving. Also, check the weather before you leave.

Drive Slowly:

You must drive slowly in these weather conditions to be safe from any mishap. Because road surfaces become slippery when moisture mixes with oil and dust that has not washed away and you can lose control of a car.

Maintain a Safe Distance:

Many people recommend increasing the gap between cars in front of you while driving in unfavorable weather conditions because brakes cause difficulty in these situations that’s why you must keep your distance from other cars.

Maintenance of your Vehicle:

Check the tires and brakes of your car more frequently in the winter months. Best Safe Driver Dubai ensures that your windshield wipers are working correctly and the headlights must be clean. Otherwise, dirty headlights lessen the visibility, especially in winter.

Use of Low Beam Headlights:

Turn on your low beam headlights whether you are driving at night or during the day. By turning on low beam headlights can help you and other people see clearly.

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