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What Are The Safety Measures A Safe Driver Dubai Must Follow In Driving A Vehicle

The rise in accidents and the proliferation in death rates are all due to negligent driving. It is very important to follow safety measures while driving. Although driving in Dubai is not easy at all but once you get used to these protective guidelines. It will develop a good understanding of the roads; you will be delighted to drive around the beautiful infrastructures. There are some safety measures that a safe driver Dubai must follow in driving a vehicle. By following these safety measures, you reach your destination safely without causing any problem to yourself or others.

Avoid Overtaking

Overtaking is one of the serious problems that every safe driver Dubai should be aware of while driving. When you are going, you should always be watchful and check on your side mirrors to know if somebody is overtaking you. If a person is hooting continuously and hazardously coming close to your vehicle, the best way would be to permit him to overtake you.

Always Wear Seatbelt

Always wear a seat belt will save you entirely while driving. Moreover, it will save you from being thrown from your seat and crashing into the windscreen. If you wear a seat belt, you can lessen the risk of injury during driving.

Maintain Distance

To keep a safe distance is a golden piece of advice while driving because it’s a fact that is better safe than sorry! However, maintaining distance properly is mandatory because if another driver suddenly stops or takes a turn, you have to handle the situation swiftly.

Never Drink

It’s a fact that alcohol is injurious to health; therefore, too much drinking becomes the cause of unconsciousness and hazy visualization. It has one of the main reasons for death throughout the world. So do not drink alcohol because drunk driving is a crime, and if anyone got red-handed in this condition, he would be sentenced to jail.

Drive In Your Lanes

Lane discipline is considered to be the most important lesson that every driver must learn. There are certain lane marks on the road, and these lanes are designed in specific speed limits. There is always the fastest lane on the left side of the road. If you accidentally use the highway and you see a vehicle approaching at top speed at your back, you should instantly switch on the right indicator lights and give way to it. You have to follow the required speed limits of the lane you are driving in, so it became easy for you and others to move seamlessly.

Avoid Distraction

While driving, you should not use a mobile phone, not eat food, water, etc., because a little distraction can be dangerous for yourself and passengers. Driving needs your full attention; therefore, keep away those things that distract you.

Use Headlights

Headlights make your visibility better than driving on roads, but it’s our society’s dilemma that most of us do not use headlights while driving. Sometimes you may find it irritating because drivers who flash their headlights are mostly impatient. They want to distract your attention by flashing their headlights in a brighter tone. If you got this situation, the solution to this problem is to safely change the lane by giving them space to move forward.

Don't Break Traffic Laws

Another reason for most of the accidents is that we do not follow traffic rules properly. Therefore, a safe driver Dubai must follow all the rules and regulations implemented by the UAE government. By following this, you will have to save many lives.

Be Careful In Dangerous Weather

Dubai and most of the other cities around it have only hot weather all through the year. When the temperature goes unpleasant, the safest thing you should do is switch over to a slow lane very carefully and drive at a slow speed.

Pedestrian Junction

There are some points often chauffeurs refuse to slow down or give way to pedestrians to cross over. You should know about driving in Dubai because the city provides a lot of importance to its pedestrians. All cars are expected to safely stop before pedestrian crossings to give enough room and comfort to cross the roads safely.


To conclude the whole discussion, we can say that every safe driver in Dubai should be alert all the time while driving. We have provided you a profound detail about safety measures that a safe driver must follow. As all you know, people and the police department of Dubai are very sensitive, and they get offended easily when you break any traffic rule. So keep an eye on the road carefully, check mirrors and side streets whenever you drive on the road. By following these safety measures you can save you as well as others’ lives.

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