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What Precautions Must A Safe Driver Follow in Covid-19

Pandemic is causing irredeemable loss to society in many ways. Global lockdowns have shattered the social and economic pillars of the modern world badly. Now, only hard and fast measures against coronavirus will help overcome the uninvited crisis. The travel industry is also facing tumultuous conditions due to travel restrictions in the world. Though traveling is inexorable, safety protocols are also inevitable to follow in current pandemic situations. We have introduced the chauffeur service to provide a comfortable journey to such people who want a secure and safe ride under strict health protocols. Safe driver Dubai is working hard to make your travel rides safer. Some precautions are provided for Covid 19 here. Check it out and follow in every ride for your safety.

Social Distancing

Safety is before anything else. We are sparing no effort to protect the customers from the contagious virus while traveling. Social distancing is implemented to cut off the virus spread. The number of passengers is also reduced to create considerable space in an automobile. The passengers will travel in backseats to avoid commingling a feasible distance of 2 meters should be kept between travelers. WHO ridesharing precautions for essential travels are of great importance. Ensure physical distancing wholly in every ride for the stagnation of Covid 19.

Automobile Cleaning

The Best Safe driver is advancing towards upgrading travel services in no time. They are trained and guided about safety protocols entirely. The vehicle is cleaned before and after every ride thoroughly. The exterior is washed with disinfectants and water at a measured temperature. The interior part of the vehicle is cleaned with fumigants and cleanser, and water. High-touched surfaces like the dashboard, touch screen, seatbelts, buckles, blinds, handles, armrests, and switches are washed with alcohol at 98 Celsius. Climate control buttons are
also cleansed properly.

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Personal Regimen of the Chauffeur

The traveling industry is going through hard and peculiar times. Operators need to be careful about safety codes more than as before. The personal hygiene of the safe driver is highly cardinal. The operator must be Corona Negative if driving an automobile. Chauffeurs should avoid touching their face again and again. The driver should wash his/ her hands with antibacterial soap for 20 seconds after and before every ride. Avoid any physical contact with passengers wholly. They will hold back from greeting clients with a handshake.

Contactless Payment Methods

Steering clear from the Virus, contactless traveling is a better option indeed. The Safe driver Dubai should stringently opt for an uncombined manner whilst driving. Personal Protective Equipment as recommended by WHO should be used by the safe driver accordingly. They should always use contactless payment modes. They should use Apple Pay and Android Pay for the ride invoice payment. This should hold back the travelers from making unprotected contacts. Mobile transactions are becoming the need of the hour in a pandemic

Safety Etiquettes

The Best Safe driver has stopped at nothing to give the clients with travel safety from door to door. Drivers are accoutered properly with CPR face masks and hand gloves. Plastic barriers will be used in the automobile to avoid contact.
Coronavirus factsheet info will be posted in the automobile for traveler’s ease. The First aid kit should also be available in the vehicle. Furthermore, chauffeurs should be careful at gas stations as medical researchers have revealed that gas filling stations are at a greater risk for the CORONA proliferation. To protect from viruses, drivers should use gloves while fueling. Always use new masks and gloves each time, not the old ones in every ride.

Disinfection of Language

We are providing travel services to clients even in the toughest circumstances. Chauffeurs will disinfect the language before handing it to passengers. Reducing the outbreak of Covid, proper disinfection is necessary. We are leaving no stones unturned to maintain high levels of hygiene. Standard operating procedures should not be taken for granted whilst riding. The automobile must be equipped with a fogging machine to disinfect the client’s bag and baggage fully.

Customer Care Services

It is implementing protective measures to fight Covid 19. Customers will be confident enough about safety provision when traveling with our safe driver Dubai. Clients will be provided with a pair of gloves and a face mask. Anti-bacterial hand gel sanitizer is available during every ride. Our customer care services are trustworthy and reliable. Uniformed chauffeurs are always providing you with the best precautionary travel rides. Water bottles are wiped with alcohol swabs whenever used. Our safe driver ensures that the vehicle is equipped with Plexiglas dividers. Client safety is our foremost priority. They will definitely ensure you a carefree trip.

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Best Safe driver is abiding by all the safety codes. We have fully guided to follow the health protocols while operating an automobile. Our managing team is observing the current Covid 19 condition and improving according to it. A global pandemic is putting up travel restrictions. Our experienced chauffeur will go around with precautions soberly. Have a view above to behold the safety codes which chauffeurs must follow in Covid 19.

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