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Nowadays, as covid-19 has taken over the world. Protective measures should be taken to protect yourself from this deadly pandemic. Travel restrictions are now somewhat eased in different parts of the world which have encouraged people to finally come out and explore new places. But all this is not the same as before. Just as another country Dubai government has issued some guidelines which are mandatory to follow during travel in Dubai.

Best safe drivers are following these SOPS in a very efficient manner. We are even training our drivers with the best of knowledge about this pandemic and measures to prevent it during traveling.

Below are some steps that need to be taken during traveling in Dubai to minimize the risk of being infected by this contagious virus.

Safety gears and precautions:

wearing all the safety gears like masks and most probably gloves is mandatory. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Sanitize your hands after certain intervals. Wash your hands before and after every car ride. Best safe drivers are even working to install a fogging machine in their car to ensure their customer’s security. Safe drivers in Dubai are specifically trained to act wisely during this deadly pandemic.

  • Social distancing:
  • According to the guidelines a 6 feet distance to be maintained is mandatory. While traveling in a car no one is allowed to sit in the rear seat. Only two people can travel in the passenger’s seat with a 2-centimeter distance between them. Safe driver Dubai have improvised their system to provide you the safest ride in town.

Always book a car from the one following all the guidelines:

Before booking the ride make sure that they are following all guidelines and providing you the safest environment in the car. Their drivers should be trained in such a manner that they consider your safety their utmost priority.

The best safe driver also have a first aid kit in their cars, and their drivers are advised to make sure to take care of their health to make their customers comfortable during the ride.

Cashless payment:

during traveling, payments are made on every other step. Cash payments are not a wise option in this pandemic. As the corona cases are continuously increasing, contactless payment is a better option to protect you from being infected.  Payments through online methods or apps can be done. Safe drivers Dubai accepts all kinds of contactless payments.

Only booking outdoor dine-in experience:

Dubai is famous for its exotic dine-in experience and best restaurants one can find in the world. Nobody wants to miss this life-changing dine-in experience. But it will be safer to book a table at the restaurant that also offers an outdoor dine-in facility as there are lesser chances for the spread of the virus in an open vicinity.

During this pandemic, make sure to consider these safety measures while traveling in Dubai. Best safe drivers are also following all the guidelines and SOPs provided by the government. There is no compromise on our customer’s health and safety.

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