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Safe Driver Dubai - Drink & Drive:

This is considered one of the most affected crime in UAE, it must be understood that such restrictions are based on the principles of traffic safety, while the influence of alcoholic, narcotic, substances is affecting the driving capacity to have control the vehicle and increasing the risk of an accident.0.08% of alcohol in the blood content level is legally impaired. However, only after one drink, the alcohol starts making your senses unconscious.No matter what the situation is, you should avoid driving while being drunk. It’s not worth the risk of putting yourself and others in danger. In this situation, you should call us and hire Safe Driver Dubai to drop you home safely.

Laws & punishment in UAE

Laws & Punishment in UAE for Drink & Drive

  • According to the UAE legal practice, there is zero-tolerance on Drink & Drive while driving the car, By following the rules of traffic Article No. 10.6 of the Traffic Law the driver of any vehicle shall abstain from driving while under the effect of alcohol or such related substances.
  • The Driver who violates the rules and regulations shall be subject to the criminal sanctions and imprisoned/ or a minimum fine of Twenty thousand Dhs (AED 20,000) as per the law of United Arab Emirates..The penalty may be imposed for both drivings drunk and attempting to drive while drunk or narcotic substances etc.
  • Suspended the Driving License for a specific period not less than (three months and not more than two years) and deprive the convicted driver of the right to obtain a new license for a future period after the expiry date of the suspended license.

Hire Your Best Safe Driver

Drink and Drive can put your life in Danger so, If you are addict to Alcohol or narcotic substances, Try to hire a personal chauffeur to reach home safely and without any danger, The Best Safe Driver service Dubai,  provide you the Expert Driver of the Town who can manage or handle the condition of a person under the influence of Alcohol.Best Safe Driver service protects you from the strict driving rules of UAE. This is the wonderful service for everyone, Especially for Drunk people.

Best Safe Driver

Let your Best Safe Driver drive your car, while you are Drunk.