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Effects of Bad Driving on Traffic

Safe Driver Dubai - How Bad Driving Can Affect the Traffic?

As humans we tend to make mistakes and every driver has done one of the following mistakes while driving regardless of their experience or what kind of driver they are, but this doesn’t mean that you keep making these mistakes and don’t bother to correct them, because a single mistake can lead to many serious traffic issues and accidents which can put the life of oneself as well as others in danger.That’s why Safe Driver Dubai gave professional training to their drivers in order to avoid such accidents. No matter at what part of the world you live in, you must have to deal with other people when you drive a vehicle on public roads and you must show some courtesy to your fellow drivers on the road.So let’s learn about some few bad driving habits in order to avoid them and promote Safe Driving.

Distracted Driving:

Many drivers think that they can be distracted and drive safely but it’s really not possible. Research shows that 40% of all road accidents happen due to the driver or rider not looking properly.  Instead of getting distracted, focus while you drive, for example, if you are getting distracted by your phone then pull over, answer the phone and get back on the road or if you have to eat or you’ve to change the radio or if someone in the car asks you something and you get distracted by it then pull over, do what you’ve to do and get back on the road and start driving.

Not Maintaining Enough Gap:

The best driving practice is to maintain an equal level of distance from the vehicle in front of you as well as from the vehicle at the back of your car. Many drivers don’t consider and practice this simple rule which lead to traffic jam issues and the vehicles get stuck on the road. Also there are chances of saving yourself by maintaining a good level of distance if the car in front of you faces an accident.

Not Maintaining Enough Speed:

Maintain the speed limit properly, neither drive too fast nor too slow as driving too slow can really irritate the drivers behind you and driving fast can increase the chances of road accidents by large. Make sure that you follow the standard speed limit according to the road you’re travelling on.

Not Wearing Seat Belt:

Many drivers don’t wear a seat belt because they just don’t feel comfortable wearing it or they don’t really consider it something mandatory while using a car. Whereas, using a seat belt can really contribute to Safe Driving. All the drivers at Safe Driver Dubai are very well trained in following driving rules and etiquette and experienced enough to drive you safely to your destination.

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