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Pedestrian Safety rules & regulations in the UAE:

The UAE Government takes proactive steps for pedestrian safety. The rules concerning road safety, signs, and signals are described by the government to lessen the risk of accidents. Scientific research conducts before changing these rules. The intention is to decrease the risk for drivers and pedestrians. Best Safe Driver Dubai intoduces you to some rules that pedestrians have to follow while walking on the roads of Dubai.

Safe Crossing Areas:

Usually, accidents happen when pedestrians cross the road carelessly and neglect the assigned crosswalks. Many people pay fines because of jaywalking and risk their lives. Pedestrian bridges, zebra crossings, and underpasses are designed for people’s safety and should be used at all times. Pedestrians wait for the green signal before going onwards. Careful drivers reduce their speed when they recognize the crossing points. This will reduce the chances of accidents significantly.

Use Sidewalks:

Pedestrians must use sidewalks even when the traffic is light to be safe from accidents. If there is not any sidewalk, then try to walk on the left side of the road. Before crossing the roads, you should watch the cars coming from the right or left.

Avoid Using the Mobile Phones:

One should follow this golden rule: Eyes on the road at all times. That means do not use mobile phones while driving. You could be distracted even if you wear earphones. So try to avoid using your mobile phones, and listening to music. Even if you are listening to music, reduce the volume to be warned of any incoming traffic.

Child Safety:

It is your responsibility as an adult, to ensure the safety of a child accompanying you. Hold their hands tightly so that you can guide them and stop them from getting into the wrong way.

Parking Spaces:

Most accidents happen in parking spaces because drivers while reversing or parking cars, can be interfered with, and it could be dangerous for pedestrians. So try to be more careful in parking lots.

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