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Step-by-Step Process of Getting a Driving License in Dubai

Who is Eligible for a Driving License?

Anybody aged 18 or more can apply for a driving permit in Dubai. Individuals aged somewhere in the range of 18 and 21 can apply for a trial permit. Driving license application should be in Arabic to the RTA (Road and Traffic Authority). The RTA will issue a temporary license, which you must carry all the time while undergoing training.


If you are eligible to apply for a driving license,  Safe Driver Dubai advices you to follow this process of applying for a license that will guide you on how to proceed. The process is simple but rigorous. Here we will discuss how you can get your driving license:


  • You need to get your eye test done. For this, contactyour driving school or an optician
  • Get yourself register at an RTA approved driving school in Dubai. Further,submit all your relevant documents
  • Start training after receiving atemporary Dubai driving license or learner’s permit.
  • Completion ofall the theory classes is mandatory. The classes can either be taken online or in the driving schools.
  • For practical training sessions, you need to pass the theory test.
  • After training sessions, theinternal assessment will start.
  • On successful completion ofinternal assessment, passing the highway and city road classes is mandatory.
  • To apply for the RTA, pass the internal parking test.
  • Pass the parking test and the final RTA road test.
  • Obtain license.

If in case you fail your first attempt, you need to obtain an additional 7 classes of training before appearing for the road test again.


Emiratis only require their valid Emirates ID to apply for a Dubai driving course. Dubai driving license requirements are different for foreigners. If you’re a foreigner living in Dubai, you need to submit:


  • Your Emirates ID (copy and original)
  • Your passport with visa page (copy)
  • Passport size photos (at least 8)
  • Your eye test results

Why Driving License is Important in Dubai, UAE?

You cannot drive a car in the UAE without having a valid UAE driving license. If you are living in the UAE and do not have a driving license, you might face legal actions as driving any vehicle without a license is considered a crime by the authorities.

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