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Nowadays, as covid-19 has taken over the world. Protective measures should be taken to protect yourself from this deadly pandemic. Travel restrictions are now somewhat eased in different parts of the world which have encouraged people to finally come out and explore new places. But all this is not the same as before. Just as another country Dubai government has

Safe Driver Dubai
By - Best Safe Driver's

5 Best Ways for Foreigners to Hire Safe Driver Dubai

Dubai is grouped among a few of the places across the world that is known to have such extreme charisma and charm to mesmerize the heart of every visitor. To make the experience even better for visitors, Safe Driver Dubai is here to make sure that you enjoy your journey to the fullest.

By - Best Safe Driver's

What Should be the Responsibilities of a Safe Driver in Dubai?

Drivers must be taken care of in any case of the road they are driving on. It is important that understanding the driving is liberty and not fair. Once a Dubai driver gets licensed, some responsibilities occur as a safe driver in Dubai. Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) amended the traffic law in March 2017, which caused positive effects, and a